Lead Management

Lead management processes take in unqualified contacts from a variety of online and offline sources such as web opt-in forms, registrations, subscriptions, and campaigns, marketing databases, acquired third-party lists, social media, events, email marketing, integrated, multichannel campaigns, referrals. The successful outcome of lead management processes is when the qualified, scored, nurtured, augmented, prioritized selling opportunities are handed off to direct/indirect sales channels for action and closure.

Lead management is making a major contribution to achieving company marketing and sales objectives. The immediate business impact of lead management is to increase the conversion and value of leads into revenue.

Lead management strong processes relies upon 1) alignment of marketing, sales, customer-facing departments; 2) investment into resources and time in the marketing organization; 3) business intelligence, measuring business impact through analytics, setting KPIs; 4) integration of lead management with other business processes.

Account Based Marketing

Nurturing leads became the preferred techniques for engaging a new buyer before they take the next step in the buying process.

Our Offerings

We offer business process consulting for Pre and Post-MarTech implementation.


  • Business process review

  • Business design

  • Vendor selection services



  • Digital Innovation strategy

  • Targeting and data collection strategy

  • Lead management

  • Sales enablement

  • Customer experience strategy

  • Performance management analysis


Vendors We Use and Recommend

Salesforce, Eloqua, Adobe, Marketo.